Titanium dioxide dispersion TD series

Titanium Dioxide Dispersion TD Seriess

Titanium Dioxide Dispersion TD Series properties

Titanium Dioxide Dispersion TD Series properties
  • Excellent UV shielding and enhanced transparency.
  • Low viscosity and easy to handle.
  • Various particle shapes and surface treatments.
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* Measured using a type B viscometer with a No. 3 rotor, after 1 min at 30 rpm (at 25°C)
Note: These measurement examples should not be regarded as specification values.
Compositon Ultrafine titanium dioxide dispersion
Silicone dispersion Hydrocarbon dispersion Ester dispersion
TD-57A TD-85A-PG TD-61S TDB-605F TDB-85CA-P TDE-57W-P
Shape Lanceolate Lanceolate Lanceolate Spherical Lanceolate Lanceolate
Crystal size (nm) 10 8 15 12 8 10
Surface treatment pigment (wt%) 40 40 40 55 50 50
Viscosity* (mPa·s) 300 800 100 500 400 300
EU Regulation 1223/2009(Annex VI)
Properties Good balance between transparency and UVB protection No bluish Superior transparency UVB,UVA Blue light shielding Less bluish Excellent transparency No bluish Superior transparency Plant-based oil
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