Impurity Reduction Technology

Reduction in impurity amounts from harmful heavy and other metals is ordered on a parts-per-million basis with cosmetic materials. Titan Kogyo’s iron oxide allows for the world’s lowest level of impurity content through its impurity reduction technology.

Impurity Reduction Technology

Grade Heavy metal content (ppm)
Pb As Hg Cd Zn Ba Cr Cu Ni Sb Co Mo Sn Se
HP grade ≦2 ≦2 ≦1 ≦1 ≦35 ≦5 ≦20 ≦10 ≦10 ≦1 ≦10 ≦5 ≦1 ≦1
E172 ≦10 ≦3 ≦1 ≦1 ≦100 ≦100 ≦50 ≦200
FDA ≦3

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