SDGs Action Plan

SDGs Action Plan

FY2023 SDGs Action Plan

In FY2022, under the slogan of “Learn more about SDGs, and take action by connecting them to our work,” we have been posting educational materials, releasing our CSR report, and conducting other SDGs-related activities.
As part of our scheduled activities for FY2023, we plan to update our CSR report, which connects our business activities with SDGs development goals, and publish it on August 31. In addition, as part of our efforts to become carbon-neutral, we have set a target of reducing our FY2030 CO₂ emissions by at least 38% compared to FY2013 levels (45,111 tons). In light of these goals, we will continue with our SDGs-related activities in FY2023, building on our FY2022 activities.

1. Annual Slogan
We will continue our SDGs-related activities and link them to our own work.

2. Activity Goal
We aim to achieve our environmental goals that are tied to the SDGs.
We will deepen our understanding of the SDGs and act in awareness of the SDGs.

3. Coordination of Environmental Policies
We will engage in the prevention of environmental pollution, reduction of our environmental impact, and environment conservation in connection with the SDGs as key issues in our management.

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