SDGs Action Plan

SDGs Action Plan

FY2021 SDGs Action Plan

The Titan Kogyo Group’s business activities and products are closely related to energy consumption, climate change, waste disposal, chemical substance management issues, and other such matters, leading us to have worked actively with the environment and society in mind even before the SDGs gained attention.
The SDGs address the topics of climate change brought on by global warming; environmental problems, such as sustainable and efficient use of limited resources; economic disparity and poverty; and the empowerment of women and other social issues. While we do acknowledge that these are grave matters, they vary widely, and so we address them in a manner suited to the Group, approach them using methods available in our current business, and make corrections, taking further steps forward as we go.

1. Annual Slogan
We will come to know the SDGs well. We will contemplate what we can do and put it into practice.

2. Activity Goal
We aim to achieve our environmental goals in step with the SDGs.
We will acknowledge the SDGs and increase the number of employees able to contemplate their impact.

3. Coordination of Environmental Policies
We will engage the prevention of environmental pollution, reduction of environmental load, and environmental conservation as core policies in our management.

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