Corporate Profile

We pursue our ideals with a belief in great potential.

Titan Kogyo, Ltd. holds to the ideals of ‘customer orientation, efficient management, and social contribution’,
and undertakes its corporate activities with the goal to further enrich people’s lives and contribute to society.
We call ourselves‘ the dream materials company’.
We believe in the potential of a variety of raw materials and will continue to make strides,
now and into the future.

Corporate Profile Current as of October 20, 2023

Company name Titan Kogyo, Ltd.
Establishment June 1936
Head office 1978-25 Oaza Kogushi, Ube city, Yamaguchi prefecture 755-8567
Telephone Telephone: +81-836-31-4155 / Fax: +81-836-21-9172
Capital 3.44 billion yen
End of fiscal year March 31
Stock exchange listing Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Business description Production and sale of industrial chemicals pertaining to titanium oxide and iron oxide
Principal products KRONOS Titanium Oxide,Ultrafine Titanium Oxide, Titanium Oxide for Cosmetics, Conductive Inorganic Oxide, Titanium Oxide Lithium, TAROX Synthetic Iron Oxide, Iron Oxide Pearl Pigment,and Iron Sulfate

Guiding Principles

Innovation Each individual constantly reviews their work style, and immediately improves any areas that require improvement.
We endeavor not just to continue our previous practices, but to constantly improve in every aspect, in order to be beneficial to our customers and the local community.
Trust We earn the trust of our customers and of the local community through our commitment to our locality-first policy.
We constantly strive for the trust of our customers and of the local community, not just with the assertion of general statements, but by never forgetting the spirit of our locality-first policy.
Promptness We value speed in business operations, and take advantage of every business opportunity.
We endeavor to respond promptly to meet customers’ requested time schedules and to attain business opportunities through the provision of high quality products and services.
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Dream materials company
 Titan Kogyo ,Ltd.