Ultrafine Titanium Oxide

Ultrafine titanium dioxide

There are two types: anatase and rutile. The former is mainly used for electrophotographic external toner additives, and the latter is used in cosmetics that protect against ultraviolet light. As an external toner additive, anatase titanium oxide has excellent flowing properties and is effective for controlling electrostatic charge. Regarding rutile titanium oxide used for cosmetics, a wide varieties of products are available, including products with highly transparency and the capability of blocking ultraviolet light, as well as products with unique shapes and distinctive textures.

Ultrafine titanium dioxide properties and applications

Ultrafine titanium dioxide properties Ultrafine titanium dioxide applications
  • Highly transparent to visible light
  • High UV-shielding capabilities
  • Uniform particle size distribution
  • Good dispersibility with little particle clumping
  • In order to enable applications for different purposes, we offer the following:
    1. Grades for two different crystalline forms: anatase and rutile
    2. Grades for different particle sizes and shapes
    3. Grades for different types of surface treatments
  • Electrophotographic external toner additives
  • Ingredients for ultraviolet-blocking cosmetics and UV-shielding films
  • Heat stabilizing agents for rubber and plastics

Ultrafine titanium dioxide grade list

*The grades listed above are representative examples, but we have others as well.
*These data values should not be regarded as specification values.
*Please see the cosmetic ingredients page regarding rutile-based products.
Grade Crystalline structure Electron microscope particle size (nm) Surface processing agent Surface properties Particle shape
STT-65C-S Anatase 30〜50 Triethanolamine Hydrophilic
STT-30EHJ Anatase 30〜50 Silicone oil Hydrophobic
  • *These data values should not be regarded as specification values. Additionally, the information provided is subject to change without notice due to performance improvements, specification changes, and other reason.
  • *Before using these products, be sure to test them in advance at your company in order to check if they conform to your usage purposes.
    Also note that the applications featured here are not guaranteed to be free of infringement upon any and all patents.
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