Synthetic Iron Oxide (HP-Grade)

Synthetic Iron Oxide (P-Grade・HP-Grade)

Cosmetic-use Synthetic Iron Oxide (HP-Grade) list

The following grades have controlled heavy metal content for cosmetics use and are compliant with Japanese Standards of Quasi-Drug Ingredients 2006, US’s FDA, and EU’s E172.
TAROX grade HP is managed more strictly than before, and has achieved the world’s lowest level of heavy metal content.

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List of products

*1. Tint color: 3:1 ratio of titanium oxide to iron oxide (weight ratio)
*2. Please be aware that the primary color and tint color shown in the table may vary slightly from the color of the actual product.
Grade Primary color Tint color*1, *2 Shape INCI name
LL-100HP Standard Acicular Iron Oxides (CI77492)
YP1200HP Reddish
R-516HP Standard Acicular Iron Oxides (CI77491)
R-800HP Reddish
R-110HP Bluish Granular
BL-100HP Standard Spherical Iron Oxides (CI77499)
ABL-412HP High tinting strength Octahedral Iron Oxides (CI77499)
Aluminum Hydroxide

HP grade heavy metal content (purity)

Grade Pb As Hg Cd Zn Ba Cr Cu Ni Sb Co Mo Sn Se
LL-100HP ≦2 ≦2 ≦1 ≦1 ≦35 ≦5 ≦20 ≦10 ≦10 ≦1 ≦10 ≦5 ≦1 ≦1
BL-100HP ≦20
EU: E172 ≦10 ≦3 ≦1 ≦1 ≦100 ≦100 ≦50 ≦200
US: FDA ≦3

Visual appearance photographs

  • YM-1100P
  • R-516P
  • BL-100P
  • *These data values should not be regarded as specification values. Additionally, the information provided is subject to change without notice due to performance improvements, specification changes, and other reason.
  • *Before using these products, be sure to test them in advance at your company in order to check if they conform to your usage purposes.
    Also note that the applications featured here are not guaranteed to be free of infringement upon any and all patents.
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