Micaceous iron oxide

Micaceous Iron Oxide

Micaceous Iron Oxide properties

Micaceous Iron Oxide properties
  • Micaceous Iron Oxides have good dispersibility and a smooth texture.
  • AM-200P has a lustrous, natural red color, and BM-200P has a deep, silvery black color.
  • These products conform to various standards, including Japanese Standards of Quasi-Drug Ingredients 2006, Europe’s E172, and US’s FDA.

Micaceous Iron Oxide grades

*These measurement examples should not be regarded as specification values.
Grade AM-200P BM-200P
Visual appearance Red Black
Main constituent α-Fe2O3 Fe3O4
Avg. particle size (μm) 10〜20 10〜20
Avg. particle thickness (μm) 0.1〜0.4 0.1〜0.4
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External Appearance

  • AM-200P
  • BM-200P

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Images

  • *The corresponding data does not represent standard values. In addition, the written content may change without prior notice due to performance improvements or specification changes.
  • *Before using the product, always perform a preliminary test on-site to confirm whether or not the product is appropriate for your usage requirements and objectives. Note, we do not guarantee that the product will not conflict with or be incompatible with the applications introduced here, including all patented products.
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